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Ride around on a scooter for transportation that's fun and practical

Whether you're a kid or an adult, you can find a fun scooter to ride around town in. Electric and foot scooters are a fun toy for kids and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These scooters come with two, three or four wheels and some powered models even offer the option to sit down on a comfy seat as kids zoom around. Some gas scooters are approved for the road, so they're great for kids and adults alike.

Your options for electric scooters are virtually endless, from two-wheeled models that can ride up to 40 minutes between charges to four-wheeled drifters with a go kart frame. Three-wheel models have a large wheel in the front and two rear wheels for additional stability. Electric scooters typically travel between 10 to 15 miles per hour, so it's important to wear a helmet even if you're just zooming around in the front of your home. Operating conveniently on rechargeable batteries, a scooter is a motorized gift that keeps on giving. For a ride down the sidewalk or a quick trip to the local farmer's market, scooters are great for sport and travel.

Foot scooters are a bit different since they require leg power to really get going. With a foot-powered scooter, one foot stays planted on the base board while the other foot builds momentum and propels you forward by pushing off of the ground. Two-wheeled foot scooters are a great way to teach balance to kids who have recently graduated from training wheels, and they're fun for riders of all skill levels. Take your foot scooter down an incline if you really want to build speed, and then use the brake at the rear of the scooter to gradually slow down near the bottom of the hill.

Gas-powered scooters are a unique luxury toy for adults, and smaller models can be enjoyable for kids too with proper supervision. They're the most expensive option when it comes to scooters, but the purchase is worth it considering you can substitute a gas scooter for your automobile if you commute a relatively short distance. With blinkers, headlights and a horn, these motorized vehicles are approved for the road with a valid driver's license, though they're not quite fast enough for highway driving.

Whether you're learning how to find your balance on two wheels or you're looking for a cheaper alternative to your regular vehicle for short commutes, Sears carries scooters for kids and adults. Glide around town with a gas, foot or electric scooter.