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      Play outdoors with snow recreation toys from Sears

      Put down the electronics and go play outside. The snowy days only last for a limited time, so make the most out of them. Sears has a huge selection of snow recreation toys for you and your kids. From the local sledding hill to your backyard, there's a toy for every type of snow activity. Sleds, snow tubes, snowball makers allow you to take turn snow into hours of entertainment for you and your family.

      Most local hills aren't steep enough for you to use your skis, so use a sled instead. Sears has a huge selection of plastic, foam and wood toboggans and sleds to choose from so that you can find the perfect sled for you and your family. If you have small children, then go with a foam sled. These are extremely lightweight and don't go as fast as the other sleds. Plastic and wood sleds and toboggans are ideal for older children; they are faster and more durable, which is helpful when there are hidden bumps in the snow.

      If you love sledding but want to pick up the speed, then go down the hill with a snow tube. Just like snowboards, sleds float on top of snow and pick up speed with the weight of your body. Snow tubes come in different aerodynamic shapes and offer another way to pick up speed. If you and your family love fast-paced sports, pick up a multi-person snow tube so that you can experience the thrill together.

      If there aren't any local sled hills near your home and you need to drive just to use your skiing equipment, then it's a good idea to have a backup plan for snow days. Sears has snow toys that make playing in your backyard just as fun as skiing down a hill. Build sturdy snow forts with brick molds so that you can create snow castles and defend them using your snowball thrower. To create snowballs easily, use a snowball mold. Quickly scoop, squeeze and throw your snowball. Snow toys provide hours of fun, all you need are an imagination and snow.

      Snow recreation toys are fun for the whole family. Sears has a huge selection to choose from so whether you're sledding down a hill, or making a snow fort in your backyard you can find the perfect gear for your family.


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