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Find specialized ice hockey equipment from Sears

Ice hockey is a sport that requires a significant amount of specialized equipment, but gathering all that you need for casual or serious hockey play doesn't have to take all day. There are a ton of different pieces of equipment that hockey players use when they hit the ice. Sears has everything you need from hockey all in one place. From protective gear to hockey accessories we have everything players need from helmet to blade.

From the very first time that you step on the ice, you should be wearing hockey protective gear. Sears has a full collection of safety gear from head to toe. We have a variety of helmets for players to choose from depending on what their league allows. Don't compromise quality for safety. Make sure that you purchase the best protective gear so that you stay injury-free and never miss a game. If you play roller hockey on the side for practice or fun, most protective gear can also be used as roller hockey gear. Our selection of protective gear is meant to keep you safe while you're having fun playing your favorite sport.

You can't hit the ice without having a pair of hockey skates on hand. Not just any pair of skates will do for a pick-up game of hockey. Regular ice skates and hockey skates are extremely different. Hockey skates have more ankle support so that you reduce the risk of foot injury and have blades meant for speed. Sears has a large selection of hockey skates including men's, women's and youth sizes. Once you find the correct size skate, determine which features and price point are right for you and your level of commitment to the sport.

Accessories like ice skating equipment, are important because they help protect your investment. Slip skate guards on your blades once you get off the ice to prevent the blade from becoming dull and chipping. Other accessories and equipment include laces for your skates, hockey tape to hold up your socks during a game and even hockey gloves. For at home practice, pick up a net so that you can have shoot-offs with your friends and neighbors.

No matter if you need hockey accessories for on or off the ice, you'll be able to find what you're looking for at Sears. When you're shopping for hockey equipment, make sure to consider league requirements. Hockey protective gear is extremely important to coaches, players and league officials, so make sure you pick up the highest quality gear so you never miss a game.


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