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      Glide on the ice with a new pair of ice skates

      There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes into the making of an ice skate. There are different levels of skates, depending on what type of ice skating you do and how advanced you are. If you simply like to glide around, without doing any tricks or turns then recreational skates are a good fit. If you love jumping, turning and doing tricks while you glide across the ice, then invest in a pair of figure skates. Sears has many styles to choose from and useful accessories to protect your skates.

      Having a pair of recreational skates around is a great idea; you never know when you may get the urge to skate around on a frozen pond or ice rink. While ice skating wasn't always a year-round sport, with modern advances it's become an activity that people can enjoy outside of the winter months by going to their nearest indoor ice rink. Like hockey skates, recreational ice skates feature a comfortable, soft boot to give the ankle flexibility while you propel yourself on the ice. This allows you to easily go at whatever pace you prefer, but doesn't give you the support to do aerial tricks or spins.

      The Olympic sport of figure skating is graceful and visually appealing. For parents looking to get their children on the ice, whether it's hockey or ice skating, Sears has figure skates as well as ice hockey equipment. Depending on the skill level of the skater, there are different blades. If you're only just starting to skate, rent for a few weeks to see if it's really for you before investing the money on your own pair. Once you make the commitment, it allows you to become comfortable on the ice, which is crucial for kids learning how to jump and spin. Our sturdy boots provide the ankle support figure skaters need to hit their triple axles and take home the gold.

      For lovers of ice and snow recreation, skating is an enjoyable sport. But every skater knows that accessories are almost as important as the actual skates. For those advanced level skaters Sears offers extra ankle support to help prevent injury before the big competition. Other important accessories include skate bags to tote your gear from rink to rink and even skate guards to protect the blade. Ice skates will last for years with proper care, so choose high quality accessories to help the longevity of your gear.

      Skating is a great family fun activity as well as Olympic sport. Choosing the right skate depends on what type of skating you want to pursue, luckily Sears has a wide variety that includes skates for everyone in the family.


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