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      Decorative Banners

      Whether you're cheering on your favorite sports team or celebrating the holidays, a decorative banner is a simple way to boost the appearance of your home. To show off your team spirit, you'll find small garden flags and large hanging banners featuring college and professional sports teams. For the holiday decorator, look for seasonal house flags and other ornamental touches for each of the holidays. Sears can help you change up your outdoor decor with fun and welcoming flags for your home. If you prefer universal designs that can be used year round, you can also find a variety of unique themes to suit your home.

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      Make a statement with decorative banners and decorative house flags

      Decorating with house flags and banners is a simple way to personalize the front of your home. Whether you're hanging a small flag from the side of your house or a large banner from the roof, you can select from a variety of options. Sears has a huge selection of decorative banners and seasonal house flags to offer a simple touch of decor to your home.

      If you want to add a seasonal display to the exterior of your home, a decorative banner is an easy-to-install option. You can find styles that fit each holiday and season, so you can change your banners regularly. From Christmas decor and banners to Thanksgiving flags and displays, you can easily decorate for all of the holidays. If you'd prefer to keep your flags up for longer stretches of time, flags with seasonal themes can be switched out just a few times a year. Look for floral flags in spring and summer, harvest flags in autumn and flags with snowy scenes for winter.

      Decorative team banners are available for professional and collegiate sports. Wave your favorite team's banner for your annual football party or keep the flag up throughout the season to show your team spirit. If you don't have a place to hang your team pennant outside of your home, you can display it proudly inside your house. Whether you want to flaunt the flag above your bed or add it to the decorative sports collection in your man cave, there's a place for you to show off your team's logo.

      Add a fresh style to the front of your home with a unique decorative banner. Hang a large celebration banner to acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. For whimsical displays, look for colorful flags with personalized themes that you can easily mount to the outside of your home. Look for favorite animals, cartoons and other designs to hang on your house. These accents offer a reflection of your personality and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in front of your home.

      Welcome the seasons, express your patriotism or hoist a flag in support of your favorite charity or cause. With so many different flags and banners, you can change up the design seasonally or weekly. At Sears, you can stock up on the house flags and decorative banners that match your outdoor decor and accessories.


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