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      Enjoy delicious hot cocoa to warm you up when you're feeling cold

      Everybody can enjoy in the delicious taste of hot chocolate. Whether you enjoy vanilla chai, peppermint cocoa, spicy hot cocoa, caramel hot chocolate or other flavors of hot chocolate, Sears sells hot chocolate in bulk packaging, saving you money and trips to the grocery store. You'll be able to enjoy hot cocoa from McSteven's, Bellagio, Nestle, Land O Lakes, Dove, Ghirardelli and other tasty brands. Grocery shopping doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you're looking for a warm beverage when it's cold, snowy and windy outside.

      Enjoy hot chocolate with your breakfast or as your afternoon treat. But that's not the only hot beverage you can find at Sears. If you're looking for something with a little more kick than spicy hot cocoa and with a touch of caffeine, Sears has an assortment of coffee and tea to get you through the day. Grab travel mugs for you and your spouse and save yourself a trip to the coffee shop by brewing your own tea, coffee or hot cocoa at home. When you're enjoying these tasty hot beverages at home, don't just set them on your coffee table or end tables. Use beverage coasters to protect your tables from condensation or spilling from your drinks.

      If you're looking with just a little more kick and a little more flavor in your other beverages, get some non alcoholic mixers. Also available in bulk, you'll be able to entertain your guests for more than just a weekend. From margarita mix to mojito mix to flavored martini mixes, Sears carries non-alcoholic mixers for your drinks. You don't have to drink anything "straight"; enjoy it with a taste of mango, strawberry, green apple or more.

      Whether you're looking for warm drinks, like hot cocoa, coffee and tea or cold beverages, like mixed drinks, Sears carries the mixes you need to warm your spirits. Buying in bulk from Sears will save you trips to the grocery store and you'll be sure to find the brands you enjoy without running from store to store. So stay warm this winter with hot chocolate from Nestle or Swiss Miss, or enjoy the coolness of a margarita mix from Baja Bob's from Sears.


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