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      Powdered drink mixes from Sears put you in charge of your water

      You enjoy flavored water or fruit-flavored drinks, but maybe the taste is too sweet or too strong for you. Powdered drink mixes put you in control of how sweet and how strong you want your drink to be. Most drink mix powders come in individual packets of predetermined measurements for the best amount of flavoring. Kids will have fun making their own chocolate milk or strawberry flavored milk from Nesquick or Carnation. The athlete or the physically active person in your home will want Gatorade or Sqwincher to mix into their water bottle. Sears carries drink mix powder and liquid from Mio, Propel, Zuko, Crystal Light and more.

      Powdered drink mixes aren't just energy drinks, iced tea, fruit punch or flavored-milk packets. You'll find breakfast alternatives or powdered smoothie mixes from Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Foxy Gourmet, Frozen X-Plosion and more. Buy your favorite powdered drink mixes in packs and save by buying more. Rather than carrying a bulky or odd-sized bottle for sports drinks or flavored water, pour water and drink mix powder into your own plastic water bottle and carry it with you.

      If you'd rather cut through the middle man and buy your drink already prepared, search fruit drinks for your favorite fruit flavored drinks. Find fruit drinks from orange, guava, coconut, grape, cranberry and more from brands like Ocean Spray, Lakewood Organic, Mott's, Snapple, Florida's Natural and more. These fruit juices come right from the fruit itself and not a powdered packet, so it'll have more natural flavors.

      You can still mix fruit drinks even if it doesn't come as a powder mix. Combined with non alcoholic mixers, you'll enjoy delicious margaritas and mojitos and more flavored like your favorite fruit like pineapple, mango, orange, blue berry, strawberry pomegranate. These non-alcoholic mixers will definitely add a kick to your fruit drink.

      Soda pop can be mixed with non-alcoholic mixers too, but it is more commonly drank alone. Whether you like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fitz's, Sprecher, Zevia or other delicious soda pop, Sears carries the brands you enjoy for a refreshing drink.

      The first step to being refreshed and staying hydrated is knowing what you want to drink. From powdered mix drinks for people on-the-go to fruit drinks to soda pop, Sears has a variety of beverages to get you through your day. Buy from Sears and save more with packs of your favorite drinks.


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