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Stock up on Bulk Snacks for All Occasions

Satisfy your cravings for snacks with the help of our wide selection of bulk snacks at Sears. We have everything from dried fruit and nuts to protein bars, popcorn, chips, beef jerky, tea, crackers and cookies. Once you find some family favorites, it's easy to keep your pantry stocked with items that will fill the gaps between meals for each member of the family. You can also turn to your pantry anytime you're having a special event and need to feed even more people.

One of the best types of bulk snacks we sell is our nuts and trail mixes. Whether you prefer munching on classic roasted peanuts or you prefer a gourmet mix of exotic nuts, you can find your favorites in bulk to save money and ensure that you're always stocked with what you need. Nuts pack lots of protein, making them the perfect snack as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Trail mixes are also ideal snacks for the whole family, even when you're not out hiking on the trail. Find options with dried fruit, chocolate and other ingredients mixed in.

When you're on the go, turn to our granola bars, cereal bars and protein bars as your snack of choice. Tuck a couple into your kids' backpacks so they always have something on hand if they're feeling munchy. Keep them in your car and in your purse or briefcase as well. We have options from top brands like Nutri Grain, Kellogg's, Quaker and Clif. Find your favorite flavors and combinations and order them in bulk from Sears to save money on the foods you rely on most.

Our bulk snacks are also perfect for entertaining. Keep boxes of crackers on hand to put out with a cheese spread for an easy appetizer. You can also use our pretzels and snack mixes as the perfect nibbles for watching football, basketball, hockey or baseball games on TV. When you have these snacks on hand, it's much easier to host an impromptu get-together because you can be confident that you will have enough to feed your guests.

Bulk snacks are also perfect for holidays. Pick up some individually packaged sweet treats for Valentine's Day or give them away as an alternative to Halloween candy. When you're stocking up on Easter supplies, don't forget that our bulk snacks make the perfect items to round out your family's Easter baskets. Individual bags of chips are perfect for all of the holidays that include grilling, such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day.

Everybody needs snacks at least every once in a while to ease your hunger and provide your body with the energy it needs between meals. If you're going to be eating snacks, at least make them delicious, nutritious, and inexpensive ones. Shop our selection of bulk snacks at Sears to stock up on old favorites and discover new ones to fill your pantry.

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