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Bathroom cleaning supplies have the power to sanitize the home's one room that you usually associate with being the breeding ground for mold, bacteria and soap scum. Acidic toilet bowl cleaners undo the damage of hard water and sanitize the commode in the process. Soap scum and mold removers quickly attack the dirt where they encounter it. Thickened formulas ensure that the bathroom cleaning supplies have ample time to tackle the affected areas rather than running off. Combine this type of cleaning power with the sterilizing properties of Shark steam mops. These cleaning tools are inexpensive, easy to use and yet quite powerful. They not only clean the floors but also kill bacteria and viruses that are living on these surfaces. Do not let your bathroom make you sick! Attack bacteria and mold today.

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Clean Effectively with Bathroom Cleaning Supplies from Sears

Even in the smallest space in the house, it's hard to keep the bathroom clean every day. Sears offers hundreds of bathroom cleaning supplies that help remove toilet grime, bathtub rings and hard-water stains from your surfaces. You have additional supplies like 2000 Flushes that clean the toilet after every use. From Scrubbing Bubbles to Lysol, we give you the supplies that you need to keep the bathroom fresh and clean.

Along with Greenworks all-purpose cleaner and Lysol bleach, you need tools and accessories that apply the cleaner more effectively. Toilet scrub brushes remove ring stains with ease, and Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max pads clean away grime and nasty buildup in your tub and sink. Consider Johnson Professional shower and tub cleaner for stuck-on soap scum. It also works on chrome and stainless-steel hardware.

Even if the bathroom looks clean, it still has bacteria and germs clinging to the countertops and other surfaces. Wipe down the surfaces with Clorox wipes and Lysol disinfectant spray. With Lysol Summer Breeze, you kill 99.9 percent of the germs that cause the common cold and the flu, and the spray controls mold and mildew growth. Lysol fragrance sprays also leave behind a fresh, clean scent.

While disinfectant sprays and wipes clean the surfaces, you need Liquid-Plumr or CLR drain uncloggers to remove stubborn hair clogs deep within the pipes. Liquid-Plumr Double Impact comes with gel for breaking through the clog and a 23-inch snake for dislodging the gunk from the drain. You also have Septi-Pak and Septic Pro drain treatments that break down gunk in your septic system and prevent backups.

If a backup does occur and your toilet overflows, you need more than a mop to clean up the mess. Wet-dry vacuums have the suction to remove standing water from your bathroom floor and store it in a leak-proof container. The Craftsman 20-gallon wet-dry vacuum has a 6.5-horsepower engine to clean up water in less time. Consider investing in a wet-dry vacuum that contains additional hoses and hardware for removing both standing water and dirt from your tile, wood flooring and carpets.

Cleaning doesn't have to seem like a chore as long as you have the right bathroom cleaning supplies and accessories for the job. Reduce the amount of cleaners you need for multiple surfaces when you use an all-purpose cleaner. Combine disinfectant sprays with cleaning wipes to remove germs and to prevent mold buildup. Shop Sears for cleaning supplies and other household products regardless of whether you need a drain opener for the sink or a wet-dry vacuum for a spill.


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