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      Unclog your pipes with drain openers from Sears

      Hair, loose wrapping and other debris fall into your sink drains and clog your pipes. Before you call a professional plumber, look to Sears for our inventory of drain openers and septic supplies. With products such as Liquid-Plumr, you can clear your sink drain in an hour or less. You even have access to additional cleaning supplies to sanitize the toilet, bleach the bathtub and polish your chrome or stainless steel hardware.

      For stubborn clogs, rely on Liquid-Plumr Double Impact, which features a 23-inch snake for reaching deep down into the pipe and removing the obstruction. CLR Power Plumber and Rooster Household Drain Opener also work just as effectively for clearing the sink drains. Invest in a good toilet brush and grout cleaner to remove stains from your toilet and tile. Reduce your bathroom cleanup time with 2000 Flushes, which helps prevent stains and grime buildup after every flush. Keep the shower clean after every use by hanging the Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner to your showerhead.

      Clear the floor of hair and dirt with high-quality brooms from Rubbermaid and Bissell. For a dusty floor, use the Bissell Smart Details microfiber mop. Its lightweight design makes it easy to hold and maneuver around the toilet and bathroom counter. For larger bathroom floors, the Bissell cordless Perfect Sweeper removes dirt and dust quickly from area rugs and bare floors. Brush away debris, and mop up stuck-on grime all with the EcoGecko 360-degree rotating Magic Mop. You can also find individual mop heads and replaceable microfiber cloths for your brooms and mops.

      Protect your hands from cleaners, and remove grime more effectively with Soft Scrub and Scotch-Brite rubber gloves. For messy cleanup jobs, wear the Wells Lamont vinyl disposable gloves. They protect your hands from cleaning products, and you can throw the gloves away after each use. Soft Scrub premium comfort gloves protect your sensitive skin, but you can also reuse them for your next cleaning day. Ditch the washcloth, and reach for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser instead. It cleans marks on the walls, floors and countertops with its special multipurpose cleaner solution. Scotch-Brite heavy-duty scrubbers help you remove hard-water stains and rings from the bathtub.

      With hard-water stains, clogged sink pipes and shower mildew, your bathroom has to be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance and function. Drain openers keep your pipes clear and draining efficiently, and cleaning supplies like Scrubbing Bubbles reduce your workload. Shop Sears for the most affordable selection of drain openers and additional bathroom cleaning supplies for your home.


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