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In addition to putting carpet cleaning supplies under your sink, do not forget to add a solid surface cleaner as well. These products clean your glass, stainless steel appliances and Formica. A multi-purpose solid surface cleaner eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products that take up too much space. Clean your wood, plastic and non-porous surfaces with the same product and still achieve the kind of shine you have become accustomed to. Some of these cleaning supplies also work well with other floor care accessories such as steam vacs or floor scrubbers. In some cases, you simply add these cleaners to the tank of the floor care appliance for best results. Who knew that housecleaning could be this simple?

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Solid surface cleaner keeps your home spotless

Pick the right solid surface cleaner to get rid of unsightly stains, greasy buildup and tough spots. There is a dedicated product for glass surfaces, which ensures that smears and hard water spots no longer mar these surfaces. Pick a multifloor surface cleaner to wet-mop your laminate, tile or vinyl flooring. Stainless steel surface cleaners tackle the water spots and fingerprints that are so easy to leave on this popular appliances option. Since stainless steel is now the kitchen appliance finish of choice, it is a good idea to have plenty of this cleaner on hand.

Combine your solid surface cleaner with a brooms and dust pans for easy cleanup in your home. Wet-mopping your floors is a time-honored tradition that lets you clean a wide variety of floors. To maximize the cleaning potential of your solid surface cleaners, precede any application with a quick microfiber cloth dusting. The material traps dust that would otherwise create smears on the surfaces you later scrub with the solid surface cleaner. A microfiber dust mop even traps greasy dirt, which is notoriously difficult to remove.

Of particular interest to any homemaking maven are the glass cleaners. Although multisurface cleaners win out in the versatility department, you may prefer a dedicated glass cleaner to tackle your bathroom mirror or window glass. Add speed to your cleaning procedures with the use of a professional window squeegee with a 16-inch cleaning width. If speed is of the essence, squeegees also come with an 18-inch cleaning path, which makes the streak-free appearance of larger windows a quick result you can achieve in a short time. Buying the cleaning supplies in bulk is always a good idea since it saves you money to buy a larger bottle of cleaning solution and then divide the solid surface cleaner into one or more spray bottles.

The same wisdom holds true for the cleaners that manufacturers customize for use on flooring and options. Cleaners for sheet and tile laminate are different from cleaners for wood flooring. While you can most certainly use multipurpose surface cleaners for a wide variety of ceramic and laminate flooring, the famous wood shine usually only comes when you use a dedicated cleaner that reacts with the factory coating that is put on wood floor tiles or planks. If you are cleaning stone tile flooring, opt for a dedicated cleaner that does not leave a soapy deposit on the material. Tacky to the touch, it also traps dirt and makes the next cleanup just a bit more difficult.

Sears carries a wide variety of solid surface cleaners. Whether you are looking to buy a household cleaner for wood, glass or laminate surfaces, Sears has just the right products that meet your needs. Buy a multipurpose cleaner for standard surfaces in the kitchen or bath. Opt for a dedicated cleaner for highly defined specialty surfaces such as wood floors or stainless steel appliances.


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