Cleaning Supplies

Sears has cleaning supplies for your home

From the windows to the floors, your home has to be cleaned to prevent dirt and dust buildup. Sears gives you access to hundreds of name-brand cleaning supplies that can help you with your workload. Remove dust and pollen buildup from your windows with Windex Powerized glass cleaner. Tackle multiple surfaces with Spin & Span Cinch all-purpose cleaners. Whether you need a broom for the hardwood or a dusting cloth for the coffee table, you can find what you need at Sears.

Every day that you walk on your floor, you leave behind a trail of dirt that builds up in the carpet fibers. The right vacuum cleaner can help you lift away dirt and debris, but how do you know which vacuum has the power and suction for the job? You have the choice between upright, canister and handheld vacuums, all of which work on area rugs and carpeted floors. If you have a lot of furniture in the way, consider the Dyson Ball upright vacuum. It maneuvers easily around obstacles, and it features Root Cyclone technology that penetrates deep into the fibers and lifts away dirt. You can also use the Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner that works on both carpeted surfaces and bare floors.

The flooring in your home doesn't last forever, and you may have to replace the carpet or install new hardwood. Whether you want to lay down ceramic or carpet tiles, you need the right flooring tools to install everything correctly. A Roberts vinyl tile cutter helps you make precise cuts in your tile, and a floor roller ensures that the tile or carpet lays evenly and smoothly on the foundation. Use the Lam-Hammer tightener kit to secure your hardwood into place, and invest in a Roberts knee kicker for tightening and pulling the carpet toward the wall.

Wet-dry vacuums come in handy whether you have standing water on your floor or you need to clean up dust and debris after installing hardwood. A wet-dry vac features a large container that ensures that water and debris do not leak back onto your floor. The Craftsman 6-gallon wet-dry vacuum has a 2.5-horsepower engine that sucks up water and dirt easily, and you can maximize your workload with its hose attachments. Consider the Craftsman 20-gallon wet-dry vac for larger cleanup jobs.

You have to maintain the appearance of your home each day, and cleaning supplies like Windex and Spic & Span help you remove dirt and grime with ease. Invest in flooring tools such as a kicker and a tightening kit for installing tile and carpet, and use a wet-dry vac to clean up the mess. Turn to Sears for even more cleaning products and household supplies for your DIY projects.