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Floral and Plants

Spruce up your home with floral and plants that brighten any space

Your home is a gathering space for family and friends to hang out, eat meals together and spend time sharing your days and evenings. It is also a retreat from work and the busy world; a space where you can kick your feet up and take a deep breath. Whether you prefer to stay indoors or outdoors in the fresh air, floral and plants can help you brighten your space and add a little extra life to your home. Outdoor gardens provide a welcoming entrance for guests or a quiet backyard retreat for you. Live house plants clean the air inside your home and can brighten the space or add a little extra flavor to your meals. However you choose to add greenery to your home, it is certain to make the space more unique and lively.

Outdoors, beautiful floral displays can do more than just please the eye. Certain bushes, plants, flowers and even styles of ground cover can attract all kinds of wildlife to your yard. While you might think that flowers only attract bees, many types of flowers and wildflowers attract beautiful butterflies and moths that flutter around, spreading pollination and providing hours of entertainment for you. Likewise, some gardens may attract flower-loving birds like hummingbirds. Some may visit your yard regularly, giving you something to look forward to at the same time each day. Of course, birds and bugs won't be the only visitors to your garden, especially if you have some attractive leafy greens available; furry rabbits, rodents and the occasional deer may stop by to say hello.

If you would rather not have to deal with all of the wildlife, you can still plant a garden to appeal to your other senses. Lush greenery and sweeping vines can lend a mystical feel to your garden. Whether you feel like you are in the secret garden or a Monet painting, green plants and bushes can make for a serene retreat. Likewise, bright flowers with intricate patterns provide a colorful palette for walkways and hidden nooks. A little splash of color adds vitality and spunk to your garden. If you prefer to enliven your olfactory senses, then a fragrant flower like the ever-popular rose may be more to your liking. Certain perfumed varieties of flower can help you relax or add energy to your day.

Floral and plants are not just for decoration; they can reduce your mowing time and your carbon footprint. Many varieties of plants provide ground cover instead of grass and may actually be more native to your yard than a traditional green lawn. Likewise, some plants give back. A vegetable and fruit patch will provide a bounty of food and snacks to breathe life into your evening meals. No matter what type of garden you choose to have, you can get everything you need at Sears. From flowers to vegetable seeds to nursery trees, Sears has the perfect variety of plants for any garden.