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      How to add plants as nature's decoration for your home and garden

      You might not think of plants as decoration for your home, but they can be a lovely way to liven up your front yard, kitchen or entryway. Whether you choose easy-to-care-for-succulents, flowers or herbs for tonight's dinner, every plant can have an aesthetic and useful appeal for you and the guests who visit your home. Even if you don't think you have a green thumb, many plants will practically grow themselves if you place them in a sunny corner in your garden.

      Start with some nursery plants to get your garden started. The nursery took care of the delicate seedling stage for you so that you don't have to worry about those tough early days. A quick transplant right into your garden bed, and you have beautiful plants ready to thrive. A healthy dose of water from a hose or sprinkler should do the trick, as long as you follow the easy planting tips on the seedling's stake. The stake tells you whether your plant loves a shady spot, sunny spot, dry spot or moist spot so you can find the perfect plant no matter what kind of yard space you own.

      A few planters will add some height and depth to your garden. Select plants that will have some room to grow and thrive in more constricted growth environments. Often, stores will have flowers or greenery already placed into planters for you so that you can take it home and place it directly in your garden without a worry about transplantation. Planters also make great accents for a front or back porch, acting as daytime lamp posts to guide the way to your humble home.

      If edible plants sound more appealing to you, try growing a small herb garden in or near your kitchen. Herbs are typically very hardy and will thrive in a window or other sunny space. Most herbs don't need very much space to grow, so you can get by with a few small flowerpots in a window sill or mounted on a wall. Plus, the fruits of your labors will find their way into sauces, stews and steaks for many meals to come!

      If you are a little more experienced, purchase seeds or bulbs in the planting season to grow your own plants from scratch. It will be exciting to watch the first leaves shoot up from the ground in spring, summer and fall! Many bulbs stay dormant for several months, which means you can plant some of them six months before they grow and bloom. It will be a wonderful surprise to see what pops up in your garden every year.

      If you are looking for some great ideas to get your garden started, stop by Sears to check out a variety of planting options. You won't be lost with helpful associates and a friendly online community to guide you every step of the way. From seeds to bulbs to nursery plants, we have something to help create the perfect garden for everyone.


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