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Whether you need some quick brain food for your next work session, or you're looking for a healthy snacks between meals, Sears' selection of frozen appetizers will keep you satisfied. Frozen foods are tasty and easy to prepare, and you can always grab a quick bite if your freezer is well stocked. Quickly entertain guests with ethnic frozen foods or pick up some frozen fruit for a simple and tasty smoothie. With Sears, you can easily find affordable snacks from Totino's, Kid Cuisine and other great brands.

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Stock up on Frozen Appetizers

Sears offers a wide range of frozen food products including appetizers and entrees. Frozen foods can last indefinitely, so you can store then in large quantities in chest or upright freezers. You can save time and money by buying these items at bulk rates for long-term storage. Sears' frozen appetizers don't lose quality after freezing and defrosting.

Our frozen food products are available from leading brands like Gold Medal, Welch's and Skippy. You can choose highly recommended items like SnakClub Toffee Peanuts, Welch's Fruit Snacks or Jack Link's Jerky. We sell these snacks in bulk so that you can save money. In addition to appetizers, Sears also offers a great selection of frozen entrees.

We sell entrees from brands like Healthy Choice, Simply Organic and Entree Kitchen. These meals offer wholesome nutrition, and some are free of artificial ingredients and GMOs. Guardian Survival meals from Wise Company come sealed in a pouch, and they are great for camping and outdoor adventures. You simply add warm water and the meal is ready to eat. The products have a seven-year shelf life when stored properly. You can search for entrees that are lactose, gluten and dairy free. We also have a selection of vegan and low sodium frozen meals.

Sears carries quality frozen vegetables from Entree Kitchen. Some available products are asparagus, cauliflower and mixed vegetables. The vegetables do not require freezing, and they offer convenience for busy people. Entree Kitchen's asparagus, for example, comes seasoned with kosher salt, provolone cheese and bacon. Just warm and you have a ready-to-eat meal.

Other great snack options include frozen onion rings and potatoes. Ore-Ida Easy Fries are delicious French fried potatoes that are easy to prepare. You can cook them in only four minutes in a microwave oven. Entree Kitchen's Rustic Twice Baked Potatoes feature whipped potatoes seasoned with cheddar cheese, bacon bits and chives. One package provides six servings.

Sears also offers many other frozen food products including ice cream, pizza and desserts. We sell items individually and in bulk packages. To shop for frozen appetizers, use the filtering tool on the left of the page to narrow down items by brand, price or other selection. We offer regular discounts on many of our frozen food products. You can also get free shipping on large orders, or you can pick up purchases free at our stores.

To get help finding the products you need, contact our customer service department. You can chat with us online or talk with a representative over the phone. Once you order a product, you can check its status and track your order on our website. Ask a Sears expert about our discounts that can take up to 70 percent or more off the regular price. Shop at Sears today to find delicious frozen appetizers at great prices.


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