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      Make Quick Dinners with Frozen Entrees

      With your busy schedule, it's not always possible to put together dinner from scratch. Having a stock of frozen foods lets you feed your family full, healthy meals even on the nights when there doesn't seem to be enough time to cook. From simple mixed vegetables to full meals in a bag, you can make just about anything from frozen ingredients. Sears offers a wide selection of foods and freezers so that you can stock up on your favorites and store them for those nights when time is limited.

      Well-designed chest freezers offer plenty of room for all kinds of frozen foods. With capacities ranging from 5 cu. ft. to over 21 cu. ft., you can choose just the right model for your kitchen. This extensive assortment makes it easy to add another handy appliance without crowding the room. Chest freezers are also a good option for extra food storage in your basement or outdoor shed. Having additional space for frozen meals outside of your regular refrigerator and freezer allows you to buy more when things are on sale so there's always a quick meal on hand. Many models include lift-out baskets for easy storage and re-arranging of all your frozen goods. Along with interior lighting, this ensures that you'll always know where to find what you're looking for when it's time to make dinner.

      In addition to full meals and ingredients for dinners, it never hurts to have a few frozen snacks around. With all of the new options on the market today, you can go beyond the standard fare of soft pretzels and pizza bites and stock your freezer with a variety of healthy, organic snacks that your family will love. Frozen fruit is a popular choice that family members of all ages can add to cereal in the morning or toss in with yogurt at lunch time. Individual snack "pockets" make a quick after-school treat. Even soups and sandwiches can be found ready-made for a more substantial snack after a long day at work.

      For those nights when you want a change from your usual dinners, try ethnic frozen foods. Instead of chicken tenders or frozen burgers, you can have Italian lasagna brimming with delicious tomato sauce. Dress up chunks of tofu and your favorite vegetables with teriyaki or jerk spice seasonings. You can even take something as simple as mashed potatoes and add a quick mixture of garlic and herbs or instant gravy to take a plain side dish to a new level. From sweet and spicy Asian food to pungent Indian spices, there are many hearty frozen options to choose from.

      Whether you prefer to buy individual frozen ingredients or complete heat-and-eat meals, Sears has everything you need to serve up a quick, delicious dinner even on the most hectic nights. Check out the selection at Sears and start cooking today.


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