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      Frozen meat makes adding protein to your daily diet quick and easy. There is no need to fret about buying the meat fresh on the day you intend to use it. With frozen meat offering you a variety of beef, pork and chicken dishes for your convenience, you can plan your meals one to four weeks in advance. Making good use of the savings that come from buying in bulk, you know that your dinner's main player is always on hand. For the occasional treat, add pizza to your dinner repertoire. Once again, you can capitalize on the frozen meat that you have on hand. Top the pizza with frozen sausage and let it all bake up hot and delicious in the oven. You are now the kids' dinner hero!

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      Enjoy Frozen Meat Entrees from Sears

      When you have a variety of frozen meat dishes on hand, you're always ready to prepare a delicious meal. Surprise guests don't mean an emergency trip to the store. There's a backup plan when the unexpected happens. Frozen meat allows you to buy your favorites when you can get the best price knowing the food will keep until you're ready to use it. Having the basics to create appealing dishes is essential to the gourmet. Frozen chicken, beef and pork can be thawed in the refrigerator for tomorrow's dinner or quickly thawed in the microwave when time is of the essence. Seafood like lobster, crab and fish also freezes very well, retaining fresh-like quality and flavor when prepared and served. The children will appreciate hot dogs, fish sticks and other treats.

      Chest freezers offer ideal storage for frozen meat, ice cream and pizzas. They are affordable and come in sizes from 5 cu. ft. to more than 20 cu. ft. Most are fitted with lift-out baskets that allow you to easily access items from anywhere inside. Dependable hinges hold the lid open while you store or retrieve your frozen foods. If you plan to place the freezer in a basement or garage, you may want to purchase one with a lock for security. Some have interior lights that are ideal for locations where lighting is poor. Many chest freezers are Energy Star compliant. Youll use less energy and enjoy lower utility bills with an energy-efficient model from Sears.

      Bread is a great any-time food. Having frozen bread on hand gives you the opportunity to serve it as part of a nutritious meal or as an appetizing snack. Dinner rolls and sliced breads complement your favorite dinner dishes and are just as good warmed up for lunch the next day. Once you have a chest freezer for storage, you'll enjoy shopping for new frozen bread items to try. Bread is the universal food, and you'll find choices representing cuisine from around the world.

      Frozen vegetables from Sears enhance the appeal of any meal. There's no limit to the tasty ways they can be prepared. When you shop for frozen vegetables, you'll find plain veggies for use in your favorite recipes. Prepared dishes complete with sauces, almonds and other delightful elements are also available.

      Stocking up on frozen foods cuts down on shopping trips and gives you greater selection for each meal. Having adequate freezer space allows you to take advantage when your favorites go on sale. Make Sears your choice for a winning combination of delicious frozen foods and a quality chest freezer for storage.


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