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Start Your Party With Pizza from Sears

Turn your home into the most popular entertainment spot in the neighborhood with convenient but great-tasting frozen foods from Sears. We have the menu items you need for an exciting party or for casual family dining at home. If you need specialty kitchen accessories for preparing your appetizers, main dishes and desserts to delicious perfection, Sears can provide them. We make feeding your family and entertaining your friends easy and economical with high-capacity freezers, so you can buy in bulk and stay stocked up on all of your essential ingredients. You can freeze your prepared meals for heating at the last minute and keep your leftovers for hearty meals days or weeks later.

Sears sells upright freezers in sizes and styles to match your home decorating tastes and fit your space requirements. Our high-capacity models give you up to 20 cubic feet of storage, so you can take advantage of seasonal sales or warehouse club discounts to stock up on frozen foods. For limited kitchen space, you can choose a slim lower-capacity freezer that will fit into a small area or go with a high-capacity chest freezer that you keep in your garage or basement. Once your freezer is delivered, you can have fun deciding what delicious foods to fill it with.

Keep our frozen pie crust on hand to fill with delicious fruit and then slide it into the oven. For great desserts with no prep time, try our frozen torteletts or a tub of dark chocolate cafe sweets. Along with ingredients, Sears has an extensive collection of gelatin molds, cake pans, pie tins, baking dishes and other accessories for making your dessert preparation easy.

Pizza is always a party favorite. Sears can help you give your friends a tasty treat with a choice of ready-to-heat frozen pizzas or with all of the ingredients to make your own from scratch. Get high-quality ingredients for your crust, sauce and toppings, and then assemble your pizzas using accessories from Sears. We have pizza cutters, screens, peels and servers, so you can transform your kitchen into a real pizzeria. Stretch your imagination and find exciting frozen seafood such as crab meat to top off your pizza.

Make your home an exciting spot for your friends and family to hang out together. With freezer space and a little imagination, you can be ready to prepare great meals and party foods without long hours of preparation before your guests arrive. Sears can provide you with everything you need for home entertainment, including freezers and all of the great foods to store in them. Plan ahead and come to Sears for all of your frozen foods, entertainment supplies and accessories.

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