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      Shop at Sears for a Delicious Variety of Canned Fruit

      Canned fruit comes in many formats and goes well with a wide selection of meals. It's also a healthy and delicious snack for you or your kids when time is an issue. Best of all, canned fruit usually lasts for at least a year or longer. Sears offers a wide selection of canned fruit ranging from cherries to papayas.

      Goya offers pineapple, mango, papaya, pear, peach, guava, cherry, and coconut canned fruit in a variety of forms, including whole, crushed, halved, sliced and chunked. Certain Goya canned fruit comes in heavy syrup with pulp. If you prefer eating a mix of fruits, Goya also makes canned fruit cocktails containing several types of fruit. Goya canned fruit comes in different sizes ranging from six to 34 ounces.

      Available in cups and cans, Dole mandarin oranges and pineapple chunks come in sizes ranging from four to 102 ounces. A tasty addition to sweet and sour sauce or Chinese stir fry, Dole canned pineapples can be skewered along with meat to add a tropical flavor to any meal. They also taste delicious as part of a salad. In addition, Dole offers canned fruit variety mixes for those who prefer a combination of fruit.

      Perfect for shoppers with a sweet tooth, Ancel canned fruit comes in heavy syrup. Select your choice of orange shells, papaya chunks or grated coconut to add a healthy ingredient to your favorite dishes. Ancel canned fruit comes in 17 and 34-ounce containers, letting you select the size that best suits your needs.

      Del Monte makes canned pear halves and several varieties of mixed fruit cups. Del Monte cups come in packs of 16 with pop-tops that are easy to open, making them ideal for kids' lunches or snacks. Since they contain no artificial flavors, Del Monte pears and mixed fruit cups are healthy as well as tasty. Cups and cans range anywhere from four to 107 ounces, ensuring that you won't have leftovers or run out.

      Canned fruit has a long shelf life and makes a delicious dessert. Shop at Sears online for a selection of canned fruit guaranteed to add flavor to any meal.


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