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      Dry Beans From Sears Are a Classic and Tasty Staple

      More economical and environmentally friendly than beef, dry beans are making a comeback. Besides savings and a small carbon footprint, dry beans offer a big boost to any healthy diet by providing protein, fiber and antioxidants. Although thanks to scrumptious recipes developed by generations of home cooks from around the world, youll forget that dry beans are a nutritional powerhouse.

      Sears has dry beans to complete every pantry. Use Goya black beans, with their dense texture, as a great alternative to meat in burritos or even burgers. Red beans readily soak up delicious flavors while maintaining their shape. Try combining the creamy texture of pinto beans with jalapeno and garlic for a southwestern meal. For a helping of comfort food, use great northern beans in your favorite baked bean recipe.

      Sears also has the exotic beans youve been looking for. Buy delectable fava beans from Sears. Bob's Red Mill fava beans from Sears are already blanched with the coating removed so that you can enjoy the buttery texture and nutty flavor of these English beans without the work. Try dry roasted soybeans, also known as edamame, for a healthy snack. Buy these hard-to-find beans at Sears for a tasty treat for the family.

      If you love the great taste of bean dishes, but you dont love to cook, then try Fantastic Foods instant black beans or instant hummus. Already seasoned, these beans are ready to cook right from the box.

      Find out why beans have been a staple for thousands of years when you buy bulk and specialty dry beans from Sears. With an endless variety of textures, tastes and cooking methods, beans are an interesting and delicious addition to any meal.


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