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      Ready to Heat Soups Make Quick Tasty Meals

      Soup provides a tasty and nutritious meal. Sears' ready-to-heat soups make it easy to enjoy the delicious taste with almost no preparation needed.

      Wolfgang Puck canned soups give you organic quality in fully prepared form. Wolfgang Puck is the founder of the Spago restaurant, so you can be sure his soups are delicious. Enjoy classic flavors like tomato, chicken, potato and black bean, or go for unique recipes like red pepper and tortilla.

      For a quick snack or lunchtime meal, try Nile soup cups. You only need to add boiling water to have a hot cup of soup. By microwaving the water, you'll have your soup ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Since the soup is packed dry, you can store these cups for a long time without worrying about them going stale. Nile soup cups come in flavors like black bean, split pea, lentil and couscous.

      Soup is good for more than standalone meals. Pacific Natural Foods' broths are great bases for many recipes. Chicken, beef, vegetable and mushroom broths make it easy to add flavorful liquid to your savory dishes. Their free-range and organic selections allow you to use the most eco-friendly options for your recipes. Broths from Pacific Naturals Foods come in cases of cardboard containers. This allows you to stock up without having to open a huge container when it's time to cook.

      Whether you use soup as a meal in itself or as a base for other dishes, Sears has all the great tasting varieties you love. Order online today and have your soup conveniently delivered to your door.


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