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      Improve Your Favorite Foods With Spice, Seasoning And Sauce From Sears

      The right spices, seasonings and sauces will bring out tremendous flavor in food, regardless of whether you're cooking simple or complex dishes. Sears has seasonings from your favorite brands, including Spice Supreme, Simply Organic and many others to keep your spice rack well-stocked.

      Spices are available in both ready-made mixes and individually. Individual spices like garlic, rosemary, thyme and other favorites from brands like Spice Supreme and Frontier Herb can add exciting new flavors to your dishes and can be purchased from Sears at low, affordable prices.

      Seasoning mixes consist of carefully selected ingredients blended to better complement certain types of dishes. Seasonings from companies like DDI make it easier to cook chicken, vegetables and specialty dishes. You can cook Mexican and oriental recipes easily with the right ready-made seasonings, and with a wide selection of spice mixes to fit every cook's needs, Sears makes it easy to create better-tasting foods in your home kitchen.

      You can also find sauces and liquid seasonings from Goya and other brands. Use ready-made sauces or update them with your own ingredients for a fresh take on culinary classics.

      Every cook needs an assortment of spices, seasonings and sauces. Shop with Sears for high-quality seasonings from your favorite brands and enjoy an incredible selection with low prices.


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