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      Savor the Taste of Gourmet Specialty and Imported Cheeses

      Whether you're planning a holiday party platter, making a special recipe or packing a romantic picnic, nothing makes a meal as delightful as an assortment of gourmet cheeses. If you're looking to find that perfect wedge or round, Sears offers a vast selection of gourmet specialty and imported cheeses from around the world.

      Ideal for grating over pasta, pizza, or salads, a hard Italian cheese like parmesan or Romano adds zest to your cooking. Check out Sears' selection and find gourmet Italian cheeses like Zerto Provolone Dolce or Zerto Pecorino Romano, Italy's most ancient cheese, made from 100% sheep's milk.

      Your journey through Sears' assortment of imported and specialty cheese can also transport your taste buds to England. Sample the variety of unique flavors found in Coombe Castle Cheese, such as Sage Derby, Sticky Toffee Cheese and even White Stilton with Blueberries. Wildly popular in Great Britain, Coombe Castle White Stilton with Fruit elevates the king of cheeses to a decadent dessert with the sweet and tangy addition of berries.

      Sears also offers imported Dutch and Danish favorites, such as Gouda and Havarti cheeses. For a special treat, try igourmet's Kono Extra Triple Aged Gouda, a pasteurized cow's milk cheese imported from Holland and made distinctive through a five-year aging process that gives it a crumbly texture and notes of butterscotch. Or, enjoy Denmark's most famous cheese with St. Clemens Havarti, a semi-soft cheese available in caraway, jalapeno, garlic and herb, chive, and dill flavors.

      For a taste of classic French cheese, Sears' specialty and imported cheese selection is where you can find the creamy Val de Soan Brie, perfect spread on crusty bread and paired with champagne. Or try a tangy wedge of Roquefort Papillon Black Label, an authentic French cheese made from certified organic cow's milk.

      If you're looking for something unique, Sears also offers unusual imported cheeses such as Barkanit Kadurim Rolled Chevre, imported from Israel and featuring an assortment of fresh goat cheeses rolled in herbs and spices.

      Shop Sears' huge selection of delectable gourmet and imported cheeses and find the perfect cheese for every occasion.


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