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      Give the Kids What They Want with Kids Candy from Sears

      Chances are that your kids love candy, so give them the candy they want the most. At Sears, you can choose from a selection of hard candy and other candy treats to give your kids any time of year.

      Pop Rocks is a fun and exciting candy for your children because it crackles and pops in the mouth. In addition, Pop Rocks come in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, strawberry and tropical punch. Skittles and Nerds are also tasty candies that kids can enjoy during the holidays or as a treat during the day.

      When you want candy to add to Halloween baskets or Christmas stockings, then lollipops are the ideal choice. Choose from football and animal-shaped lollipops, or select delicious Sugar Daddy milk caramel pops. Kids love lollipops, and giving your children a variety of flavors and shapes makes them even happier.

      Candy-filled straws and Wonka's "Fun Dip" are fun treats for special occasions. These candies come in an assortment of colors and flavors, and the kids get to play with their candy as they eat it. Kids love novelty candy and anything they can play with. Choose from Super Mario candy and Pac-Man ghost sours, both of which offer fun and something sweet in one. Gummy candy flip-flops are also great party favors, and a pack comes with a range of tropical fruity flavors.

      Kids candy comes in fun shapes and delicious flavors, and you can give the candy during the holidays or as a special treat. Shop Sears online or at the store for affordable kids candy and other sweet treats that taste great and that your kids are sure to love.


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