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      Choose from a Selection of Non-Chocolate Candies at Sears

      If you're not a big fan of chocolate or just want something different, then non-chocolate candy is your best choice. At Sears, you can find hundreds of non-chocolate candies that satisfy your sweet tooth and that come in a variety of flavors.

      Designed 2B Sweet has Nerds, Pop Rocks and Skittles for you to enjoy. A pack of Skittles contains a range of fruity flavors, and Pop Rocks are fun because the candy pops in your mouth. Nerds are smaller candy pieces that come in bold flavors such as strawberry and lemonade-coated wild cherry.

      Hard candy such as lollipops are also available, and each one comes in a range of flavors and shapes. Choose from green swirl lollipops and butterfly shapes, or select fun basketball and football-shaped frosted ring suckers. Novelty lollipops make great gifts for special occasions, and you can enjoy one at home or on the go.

      Gummy and jelly candy such as sweet gummy candy flip-flops come in an assortment of delicious flavors. A box of flip-flop candy contains 25 packs, all of which are filled with six pieces of gummy candy. In addition, the gummy flip-flops are fat-free, which should take away the guilt of snacking on more than one. Choose candy flip-flops as fun party favors or for handing out at Halloween.

      When you aren't in the mood for chocolate and still want something sweet to snack on, choose non-chocolate candies and other sweet treats from Sears. From Pop Rocks and Skittles to lollipops and gummy flip-flops, you have access to the candy you want the most. Shop Sears online or at the store for affordable non-chocolate candy, and enjoy something sweet.


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