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      Fight Tooth Decay the Delicious Way with Sugar-Free Candy from Sears

      You want beautiful teeth, but you also love candy and gum. You can enjoy both when you select from the inventory of sugar-free candy from Sears. Whether you love peppermint or tangy citrus flavors, the sugar-free candy available here can make you show that beautiful smile.

      Trident gum is available in a variety of flavors such as mint and tropical fruit, but you can also select sugar-free gum from the Trident Vitality series. Vitality gum has 40 percent fewer calories than sugared gum, and you have rejuvenating flavors to choose from such as mint and white tea, and citrus and strawberry. Trident White is also sugar-free, and it helps whiten your teeth as you chew.

      Orbit gum tastes great and is available in a variety of sugar-free flavors. Choose from sweet mint, bubblemint, wintermint, peppermint and spearmint gum, or select the new Orbit Mist or Maui melon mint flavors. Orbit White is also sugar-free and gives you a clean, fresh feeling each time you chew.

      Wrigley's also has sugar-free gum available, and you have a large selection of flavors to choose from such as spearmint, peppermint and classic bubble gum. The flavor of new "5" gum is long-lasting, and each flavor gives you a unique sensory experience. Wrigley's Eclipse mints offer powerful minty flavor to help freshen your breath, and each mint contains only five calories.

      Rather than skip out on chewing gum or eating mints because of the sugar content, you can now enjoy your favorite flavors with sugar-free gum. From Trident to Wrigley's, you can find the exact flavors you want without the added sugar. Shop Sears online or at the store for affordable sugar-free candy and delicious low-calorie gum.


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