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An eco-friendly detergent changes your laundry habits from polluting to loving the earth. Remember also that giving the chemical detergents the heave-ho could be good for your health! Usually free from nonylphenol ethoxylate and other bad ingredients that should make you worry, the average high-quality eco-friendly detergent gets your white clothes nice and clean while it protects the dyes in your darker wear. Combine this cleaning power with lint removal products for best results in garment care. Lint can cause unsightly changes to your clothesâ?? materials. Keeping your garments looking clean and lint-free not only greatly enhances your overall appearance but also saves you money. Why purchase new duds if your wardrobe still looks great? Save even more money by buying your detergent and lint remover refills in bulk.

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Find your favorite eco-friendly detergent at Sears

Using chemicals and additives that are not earth-friendly are detrimental to our environment, which is why you should find your favorite eco-friendly detergent at Sears. Our products work well to remove greasy residue, stains and dirt from clothing and they can be used in cold water. When products like our AllerTech brand of laundry dust mite detergent is used in washers, clothing comes out clean and free of dust mites, pollen and other allergens. This product has no hazardous compounds included as ingredients, which makes it meet OSHA definitions and it is an eco-friendly product you can depend on. Another great product you will want to have in your laundry room is the Ddi WowGreen eco-friendly pen for stain removal. A very affordable item that comes in a 24 pack, this green product is an excellent spot remover and is packaged in 100 percent recyclable materials. Sears stocks many reliable home laundry products like these, so you can maintain a green lifestyle.

Stubborn stains are the nemesis of those who are trying to remove those stains from clothing in the wash. Unfortunately, some stains are more than stubborn and require the use of bleach, which can be a harsh product that can damage fabrics. At Sears, we have many laundry care products, including eco-friendly detergents and safe bleach products. One of the most famous brands of bleach is Clorox. This manufacturer has been dependable and reliable for decades, and their modern laundry products are up-to-date, safe and they still work extremely well on tough dirt and stains. Our Clorox 2x Stain Fighter & Color Booster comes in an economical large bulk bottle that can handle up to 82 loads of laundry. It is strong enough to remove even the toughest stains, whiten your whites like new, and bring colors back to life again. It is nice to know you can always order laundry products that do the job right from Sears. We'll deliver to you or you can pick up these and other garment care products at your nearest Sears store.

It is important to use extra laundry care products when you are washing clothes because just having a good washing machine is not enough to get tough dirt and stains out of fabrics. For best results, you need excellent water softeners, detergents and fabric softeners. Why fabric softeners? True, they do not remove dirt, but they do help get fabric fibers under better control so they don't pick up dirt as easily. Fabric softeners also infuse fabrics with a gentle fresh fragrance and they help your washers work better with hard water. Keeping static energy under control is another benefit and reason to use our fabric softeners. The only shock you want is when you see the great variety of fabric softeners and other laundry products that Sears has waiting for you. Order online and we'll deliver promptly to you, or you can just drop by your nearest Sears store to pick up your order. We have everything you need to keep your family safe and clean.


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