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      There are so many lint removal products on the market that there is really no excuse for you to still be sporting the unsightly collection of strands on your garments. An accumulation of textile fibers, lint quickly makes clothes look old and used. If you love to wear linen, cotton or wool, your wardrobe is at highest risk of needing the attention of good lint removal products. Your options include lint rollers, brushes and battery-powered mini shavers. Making good buying decisions when shopping for detergents also helps cut down on lint. Purchase the types of cleaners that the manufacturer recommends for the materials you wear most often. If your garments do best in cool water, purchase cold-water detergents to protect your wardrobe from unsightly lint development.

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      Keep clothes looking new with lint removal tools

      From dust bunnies to dog hair, there are a lot of things lurking around the house that cling to clothing, making it look messy and dingy. Lint removal tools including rollers and brushes grab onto even the most stubborn dirt and lift it away to reveal beautiful, clean garments. Keeping your clothing neat and free of grime improves your overall appearance and helps you to look presentable anywhere you go. Sears stocks many tools and accessories meant to preserve all of your laundry.

      If you've ever pulled your clothes out of the wash and found that the colors ran, bled or were accidentally bleached out, you know how helpful fabric dye can be. Mishaps can happen even when detergents claim to be color safe. Dyeing fabric back to its original color is simple with the rainbow of dyes available from Rit and other popular brands. Fabric dyes are also an easy solution when you want to deliberately change the color of a garment. Rather than spending hours trying on clothing at multiple stores, trying to find the right color or style for a special occasion, take an existing piece from your wardrobe and make it new with a bright, attractive dye.

      Stain removers help you tackle oil, grease, food and other problematic stains. It's all too easy to splash something on yourself while cooking dinner and home repair jobs have their own set of potential messes. Kids get into everything from mud to spaghetti sauce. If you have a baby, you're sure to encounter your fair share of spills and smears. Targeted stain fighters are meant to be put directly on stains to lift them out of clothing and restore the fabric to its original color. All fabric bleach from brands such as Cheer and Clorox handle the general stains that accumulate from day to day, leaving clothes bright and clean. Match the stain remover to the mess and you'll see beautiful results every time.

      Laundry boosters improve the performance of your appliances, making them more efficient and reducing electricity usage. When you can't place your dryer somewhere with access to direct outside venting, heat and moisture builds up and may result in problems such as impaired airflow and longer drying times. Installing a laundry booster in your register or ducts pulls hot air away from the dryer and vents it more quickly to the outside. In addition to improving the performance of your dryer, these handy home accessories also help keep your laundry room cool and dry.

      Don't let stubborn pet hair, runny colors or stains ruin your wardrobe. The next time you find a blemish on your favorite clothing, make sure you have the right tool for the job. Shop Sears for laundry accessories to correct any mishap and return your garments to brand new condition.


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