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      Miscellaneous Laundry Needs

      Which kinds of laundry needs do you still have to fulfill? There is a lot more to stocking a laundry room than just buying detergent and perhaps some fabric softener. Consider the importance of a well-balanced mini ironing board or the crucial role that a retractable clotheslines plays. Have you taken the time to think through all the laundry needs that your wardrobe may silently beg for? While your clothes do not talk, their professional appearance tells a convincing tale. For example, an investment in laundry starch will turn a wrinkled blouse or shirt into a crisp power garment that exudes professionalism. Who knew that it takes so little to take your work clothes so far? As always, buy in bulk for extra savings.

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      Shop and find your miscellaneous laundry needs at Sears

      Laundry is not just a matter of washing and drying clothing; it is how you are able to manage all your laundry tasks most efficiently. For this, Sears carries a long line of miscellaneous laundry needs you need, including heavy duty front load washers. You can have these items delivered or you can pick them up. Clothing that is dried outdoors in the sunshine has a distinctive and pleasant outdoor freshness. Select from various types of clothing drying devices, from rotating outdoor clothes line umbrella style dryers to plain heavy duty clothes line, dryer racks and indoor 16-clothespins dryer carousel racks. Of course, you need lightweight baskets to hold clothing that you have washed in your Sears washers. Front load washers are in vogue now because they use less water than traditional top loaders. They also are good at handling bulky items like jeans and large comforters. Steam clean features on some front load washers do even more for smoothing out wrinkles and removing dirt and odors. Sears carries brand name top and front load washers in many styles from Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag and many other fine makers.

      Once you have decided which Sears washing machine suits your needs, you want to add to your order some other laundry miscellaneous items like detergent. One of the best reasons to use eco-friendly detergent products is that they not only can get the dirt out of your garments and leave them free of hazardous chemicals, but these detergents are safer for the environment. They are lightly scented or fragrance free, as you may prefer, and are effective to use in other areas of your home. You can even take advantage of low wholesale pricing and purchase large quantities of smaller bottles that are good for several loads each. Sears has many other eco-friendly detergents, stain removal pens and other household cleaners for you.

      Fabric softeners and static control agents are laundry care products you should always have in supply. These additional garment care products can help you improve the results of a simple machine wash. Some go into the washer or dryer, while others are used during ironing or just to freshen up stored garments. Safe water softeners can improve hard water for use in washing machines. Calgon water softener boosts detergent power, allowing colors to retain their vibrancy and whites to become whiter as trapped dirt is released. Fabric life is extended when you use softeners in the washer or dryer. Eco-friendly fabric softeners and water treatments are made by Seventh Generation and other manufacturers like Purex, Snuggle, Downy, Gain and Bounce. Get fresh, clean-smelling laundry that is static-free every time with Cling-Free softener sheets. We have hundreds of affordable and effective laundry care products at Sears and a wide choice of brand name softeners. Order what you like best and get fast delivery or pick up from Sears.


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