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      Have Prepared Meats At Your Fingertips

      Create scrumptious dishes inside your kitchen with prepared meats from Sears. Find meat slicers and meat grinders to help you with many different ways of cooking masterful dishes for your family and friends.

      Find a meat grinder to prepare your own ground beef. Make juicy burgers on the grill or cook your favorite tacos on your stovetop by selecting various grades of beef to put through the grinder. Add turkey or veal for a blend of ground meats to make an extravagant meatloaf or Salisbury steaks and add something gourmet to your everyday meals.

      Locate a meat slicer to easily carve your favorite meats and poultry for eating hot with a plate full of fresh vegetables or slice them ahead of time to create a number of delicious cold sandwiches. The slicer ensures the same thickness of each slice and helps build the perfect sandwich for everyone in your family. Cook off as much meat as you want and slice it up. Then store it properly with the help of a vacuum sealer so that you have homemade deli meat prepared and ready to eat anytime you want to make a sandwich.

      Search mixers and various attachments to create your own sausages. Add your own herbs and spices to make something that you and your family will love. Add it to a pot of fresh tomato sauce or toss the sausages on the grill for a barbecue picnic.

      There are a number of ways to get creative. Find a wide selection of cookbooks from such cooks as Paula Deen, Bobby Flay and many others to help you when you run out of ideas. Visit Sears today and start preparing your own meats with various types of equipment and supplies.


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