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Keep your pantry at work well-stocked with paper supplies from Sears

Stock your home or office with the paper goods and miscellaneous paper supplies you should always keep on hand. From plates and bowls to paper towels and facial tissues, Sears can help you stay well-stocked at home or at your small business. Not only will you want to have these paper supplies on hand for everyday use at the office, you'll need enough paper plates, napkins and utensils for any large party or event at home or at work. Sears carries paper supplies from Georgia-Pacific, Hahtamaki, Solia Inc and other great paper supply brands.

Find various sizes and colors of plastic cups and paper plates to use as decorative party supplies in your office or for your home party needs. Get everything you need for your party at once with appetizers sets, which include plates, bowls and utensils. For larger casual meal settings, get divided dinner plates to separate the main course from any side dishes. Divided dinner plates are exceptionally great for people who like to keep their food from touching each other.

Pair paper supplies with tableware to complete a dining experience at home, a picnic or anywhere else. If you're throwing a specifically themed party, like a birthday or a graduation, find dinner plates and paper supplies that have the same colors as your party invitations or theme idea. For a neutral appearance, you could also choose white or clear colored paper supplies, plates and napkins. So if you have any plates left over, pack them away in your pantry until the next party or event you host.

With the extra plates and paper napkins, your kids can always use them to make crafts. Whether they're pasting macaroni to make shapes or cutting holes to make masks, kids can use paper supplies in all area of crafting, from production to cleanup. Any extra cutouts or scrap can be kept with craft storage and supplies.

Paper goods are an important part of any household or workplace. They're all disposable, so when you're done eating, throw it all out and avoid the need for clean-up. Buy these paper goods, whether they're plates, napkins, paper towels or facial tissues, in bulk and save you and your workplace time and money. Shop Sears today and buy colored cups, plates, napkins and other miscellaneous supplies you need to enjoy food with company and create fun crafts with the kids.


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