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      Make clean-up easy with paper tableware from Sears

      Disposable tableware makes it easy to have a party without worrying about plates breaking or a long clean up time afterwards. Paper goods come in a variety sizes to provide you with everything needed. From insulated coffee cups and foam cup lids to plastic utensils to foam plates and more, Sears carries all that you'll need to stock up for a party or just to keep around the house or office. Paper tableware products will make cleanups quick and easy, so you won't have to spend hours washing dishes or wasting water with the dishwasher. Find paper plates, cups, utensils and other paper tableware from Dixie, Dart, Georgia-Pacific, Eco-Products and more at Sears.

      Choose the forks, knives and spoons you need in different types of plastic. Clear or black utensils are appropriate for more formal events while white or other color utensils are perfect for casual settings and for everyday use. If you're working in a larger facility like a church or daycare, buy supplies in large quantities so you always have enough. Utensils aren't the only tableware supplies you should keep in quantities though. Plates, cups, straws, napkins and paper towels are important to have in any pantry, whether or not a party or event is being held.

      Let your paper tableware supplies add decorative touch, whether or not you're hosting an event. For birthday parties, find paper cups with colorful balloons or for formal events, get durable plastic plates. Napkins come with decorative patterns and prints to match any theme or event. Use patterned and colorful napkins, plate and cups to add color to what could be bland paper tableware. Coordinate decorations and tableware to match for a unified look and atmosphere. Use single-use tableware for any purpose or occasion for easy set-up and quick disposal.

      Someone is undoubtedly bound to make a mess. Kids and adults alike are messy, some more so than others. Paper towels are made to absorb plenty of liquid, depending on how many plies paper towels you get. Wipes will clean and sanitize any spill or mess with one quick wipe, so the party won't need to stop. Get wet wipes, wipe cloths and paper towels of various sizes for all size messes.

      Find the disposable tableware you need for any purpose and occasion at Sears. Whether you're shopping to stock your home, work or church pantry with paper dinnerware supplies or hosting a large event or party, Sears has all the tableware you need to accommodate your guests. Shop Sears today for disposable plates, cups and more.


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