Pest Control

Find The Best in Pest Control Products at Sears

Keeping your home pest-free can be much more important than you think. Not only do some pests spread germs throughout your house, but other pests and insects can also be harmful to pets or small children. Sears offers top-of-the-line pest control and deterrents so that you can keep your home sanitary and safe.

Pests that could possibly take up residence in your home might include ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders and bed bugs. Depending on where you live, you might also have to deal with beetles and crickets. Some of these pests are relatively harmless, but they can contaminate food and countertops with germs. Other pests might become a reliable source of food for rodents. In any case, once your home is infested, it can be difficult to eradicate a pest population. Several insect control options are available, including poisonous sprays, repelling candles and other assorted insect traps Sears carries trusted brand names like Raid!, OFF! and Avon to help keep bugs away from you.

If you've ever had to walk in deep grass or heavily wooded areas, you've probably been mindful of ticks. Likewise, it's hard to visit a lake or a river and not come away with mosquito bites. Thankfully, there are personal repellants that will keep insects off of you while you are outdoors. If you are worried about spraying poisonous chemicals on your body, there are several all-natural repellants that are completely safe to use. For repelling insects and pests around the home, several ultrasonic repelling devices and insect nets are available so that you can stop worrying about swatting bugs whenever you're outside. Sears carries Burt's Bees repellants, as well as products from Coghlan's and 3M.

Sometimes a stray mouse or two might cause trouble in your home. Thankfully, there are several rodent control options at your disposal. You can mix rodent poison and strategically place it throughout areas rodents might traffic, or, if you are looking for a non-poisonous option, the traditional mousetrap is still as effective as ever. If you are wary of pinched fingers, glue mousetraps draw mice in with certain scents and trap them once they investigate. If you want to get rid of a mouse in your house and you can't bear to kill it, there are also "no kill" mousetraps that capture mice for you to release later into the wild. D-CON, Neogen and MOTOMCO are all very effective brands for dealing with rodents.

Just because pests have taken up residence in your home doesn't mean you are stuck with them as permanent tenants. Shop the various methods of pest control at Sears and keep your house free of insects and rodents.