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Loaf Pans For The Energetic Baker

Loaf pans are great for baking all sorts of dishes. Bread, meatloaf and similar foods come out great when cooked in a proper loaf pan. Check out Sears' selection to find all the loaf pans you need.

When it's time to make small loaves of bread or even cute single-serving cakes, grab a set of mini loaf pans to get the perfect shape. These pans can come as multiple pieces, but some sets connect them all together for simple removal from the oven. Mini bread loaves are a unique twist that will delight guests at the dinner table. They're also good for making small coffeecakes or single-serving desserts.

Making a regular loaf of bread or a batch of meatloaf is easy with a good standard loaf pan. Sears offers metal pans in many sizes. You can also buy an interlinked set for baking multiple loaves at once. Metal isn't the only option. Loaf pans made of terra cotta or glass are also available. Some ceramic pans are even decorated so you can take them straight to the table from the oven.

Do you love sandwich bread? Make perfect square loaves with a pullman pan and cover. These pans have a cover that slides over the pan to create the flat-topped crust that makes this type of bread so special. You'll love the fresh sandwich bread you make with these pans.

Whether you love bread, meatloaf or another type of food, you can find the perfect loaf pan for it at Sears. Pick up all the pans you need, and you'll be ready to bake whenever the mood strikes you.


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