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Cooling Racks To Keep Your Baked Goods Looking Good

Cooling racks allow air to circulate freely around baked goods to cool them evenly and quickly. This gives breads a better texture and keeps your cookies from warping out of shape. Sears has cooling racks for all your baking needs.

These handy tools have more than one use. Placing a cooling rack on a cookie sheet when it is time to drizzle icing on sweet rolls or Bundt cake will allow the icing to collect on the cookie sheet rather than pooling around your baked goods. Line the cookie sheet with a nonstick mat for easy cleanup. This is also a good way to keep things tidy when applying sprinkles, colored sugar or other decorations to cup cakes and cookies.

Cooling racks can be used to drain fried foods, hold breaded meats to keep them ready for cooking or even to rest beef or chicken fresh from the oven. The rack can easily be moved to free up prep space without disturbing the food. This is a great way to prepare chicken wings for a party or to set up spice-rubbed steaks for the grill.

You can also use your cooling rack in roasting pans or stew pots to help keep meats from sticking to the pan when roasting or braising. There are racks to fit any size and shape of pan.

Cooling racks from Sears make it easy to cook like a pro. It's just one more way Sears makes your life better.


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