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Closet Storage

Closet storage solutions help you organize your home

Your closets will never be full of clutter again once you've created the perfect organizational system. You can design the perfect space with plenty of storage for closets throughout your home with brands like Home Essentials and Sterilite.

Bedroom storage is one of the highest priorities when it comes to closet organization. You want to have the right system to keep all of your clothes, shoes and accessories neat and tidy. Closet storage systems will help you reduce clutter in your bedroom and closet. Everything will have a place and you can make sure that it stays that way. Sears offers a collection of shelves, storage totes, hampers, hangers and other great equipment to keep bedroom closets clutter-free while maximizing all of the space available. Stack bins and baskets on shelves to keep stored items out of the way. To easily access totes on the higher shelves in your closet, you can keep step stools on hand.

When you're improving the bathroom storage in your home, you can add decorative storage baskets, accessory storage, cabinets and shelving to utilize all of the space in the room. Build vertical storage by adding shelves throughout your bathroom or improve linen closet space with storage bins and baskets. For kids' bathrooms, use brightly colored storage containers from Kidkraft and Rubbermaid. Your kids will love the colorful styles and unique designs to give them their own organized space.

For the kitchen, you want to ensure that your cupboards, counters and pantry remain uncluttered and easy to clean. Kitchen storage can be minimal, but you can maximize small spaces with crafty storage solutions. Use storage cabinets in your dining area to display spices, oils and other cooking items that can offer a decorative appeal. Keep large pots and pans in storage totes to keep them out of the way when you're not using them. Instead of keeping recipes in a box that takes up valuable counter space, post your favorites on the fridge with refrigerator magnets. You'll find a variety of great kitchen storage solutions when you shop at Sears.

Sears has the best selection of storage essentials that will help you organize your closets and the rest of your home. From the bedroom to the kitchen, you're sure to get the highest quality products from brands you love. Head to Sears and get organized today.