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Put together your dream kitchen with quality cookware from Sears

Whether you approach cooking as an art or a science, you'll want to have the right tools to put together delicious meals for yourself and your family. Sears carries extensive collections of cookware and gadgets for novices and experienced cooks alike. Essential food prep tools range from basic can openers to more sophisticated gadgets like salad spinners. If you've been cooking for a while, you know it's also handy to have things like graters, vegetable peelers, a potato masher and a colander close at hand. Each of these tools makes for quicker, easier food prep, which is especially helpful when trying to accommodate a tight family schedule. It also takes more than pots and pans to create a great meal, so check out our line of cutting boards, kitchen cutlery and more.

Various sizes of sauce pans allow you to cook everything from pasta sauce to chili in one handy pot. Small, quart-sized saucepans are perfect for whipping up a quick gravy. Four- and eight-quart pans are better when cooking for a crowd or when making large batches of food to get you through a busy week. When you want to cook something that sizzles, you'll need a collection of frying pans, grill pans and skillets. Many recipes call for cooking vegetables, seasonings and more in skillets of various sizes. Grill pans can get you the grilled look and flavor that you crave even when it's too cold to grill outdoors and are perfect for whipping up panini sandwiches at home. For full functionality in the kitchen, complete your cookware collection by browsing our all of our popular brands of kitchen knives including Chicago cutlery, Henckels, and Victorinox knives. A good solid frying pan, especially one made from cast iron, makes everything from breakfast to dinner taste that much better. And when it's time to cleanup, Sears has top of the line garbage disposal units to get rid of excess waste.

Cookware sets prepare you and your kitchen for whatever dish you're inspired to make. Sets give you multiple sizes and types of pans in whatever material you feel most comfortable with. From stainless steel to nonstick to porcelain, you'll be ready to cook anything once you find the set that's right for your kitchen.

Since you have to eat every day, cooking might as well be easy and enjoyable. Check out the selection at Sears for all the cookware you'll ever need to create meals you and your family will love.



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