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Find the right cutlery to help you prepare delicious meals

Great cutlery can be among your most useful kitchen tools, allowing you to create flavorful meals with perfect presentations. Whether you're buying a full cutlery set for your first kitchen, or you're a seasoned chef searching for just the right complement to a new recipe, you can find the right kitchen knives and accessories for any job at Sears.

The right cutlery will ensure you're ready for anything in the kitchen. Even novice chefs need a few different knives to accommodate different kinds of food prep work. A paring knife will give you the precision you need to finely peel and carve delicate vegetables and fruits without crushing them and affecting the flavors. With a serrated bread knife, you won't flatten or tear fresh loaves of bread as you slice. A carving knife will help you out with the holiday turkey, or an electric knife can make the task even easier. Having the right tools in these situations ensures that your food will come out looking and tasting great.

If you're moving into a first home or gaining a new interest in cooking, you might need to pick up a lot of supplies. With a cutlery set and cookware set you can confidently try creating all kinds of new dishes. In addition to a variety of knives that can handle any job, most cutlery sets also come with a knife block to hold everything securely. Left loose in a drawer with other silverware, your knives could bump into other items and lose their edge. A knife block is essential for keeping everything separate and secure so that your cutlery maintains sharp edges longer.

To accompany kitchen knives for various tasks, you'll also want a set of good cutting boards. It's important to have at least two cutting boards so you don't mix ingredients that are safe to eat raw, like fruits and vegetables, with those that need to be cooked, like meat and poultry. This prevents bacteria from transferring from the surface of raw meat to other kinds of food. When you restock your fridge or freezer, safely separate these different kinds of ingredients with vacuum sealer bags until you're ready for meal prep. Colorful plastic cutting boards, or wooden boards with colored silicone handles can help you keep track of which board you use for different types of food.

Get the cutlery you need to get any recipe just right at Sears. Outfit your home with reliable kitchen knives, knife blocks and cutting boards so that you're prepared for any culinary challenge.


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