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Electric carving knives make filleting and slicing easy, so get the best electric knives today

These high-tech tools use a combination of dual automatic counter-sawing blades to help you make those attractive, clean cuts time after time. The motor-powered blades slice easily into roasts and breads at the slightest touch, and serrated edges stay sharp long after conventional knives have gone dull. Take the stress out of serving dinner with an electric carving knife from Sears.

These modern knives are good for more than just carving meat and slicing bread, they're also ideal for cleaning fish. Filleting fresh fish is tricky because the flesh is very delicate, and it can be difficult to fillet cleanly with a traditional knife without crushing or tearing. An electric fillet knife doesn't have that problem, because the high-speed blade makes clean cuts through scales and skin time after time, making it the perfect accessory for your next fishing trip or seafood dinner.

To complement your electric knife with a more traditional carving method, take a look at these carving sets to complete your dining room in an elegant fashion. A good, sharp set of carving knives can be just as effective as an electric knife while maintaining the time-tested charm of an age-old serving method. You can't go wrong with a simple, two-piece carving set, and Sears has you covered. These sets include two indispensable items: a carving fork and a carving knife. With those two basics on hand, you can cleanly section out roasts, turkeys and other meats into manageable and attractive portions in no time flat. In terms of quality, it's tough to beat forged carving sets. These sets include durable, attractive carving forks and knives that are made out of carbon stainless-steel blades that are wonderfully stain resistant.

Whether you go traditional or modern, after investing in a quality knife set from Sears you are going to want to keep those blades sharp. That is easy to do when you have knife sharpeners on hand. Many cutlery sets include sharpening steels, but many cooks prefer the convenience and consistency of electric knife sharpeners. Professional-quality designs include nifty options like adjustable blade selectors that allow you to hone various knives to razor sharp finishes. By using knife sharpeners and sharpening steels regularly, you can keep your knives in like-new condition for years to come.

Electric knives are just one cornerstone of a high-tech kitchen. Sears carries a huge selection of electric labor-saving devices, appliances and accessories to make every kitchen task a breeze for the fast-paced modern-day cook. If you're busy with work all day, it's easy to come home to a nice home-cooked dinner by using a slow cooker. Just add meats, vegetables and seasonings in the morning and it will simmer all day to greet you with a creamy chowder, a spicy chili or a savory beef stew when you walk in the door. A countertop rotisserie is great for a quick roasted chicken or pork loin when you don't have the time to preheat your big oven. And of course, for maximum convenience nothing beats microwave ovens, perfect for thawing frozen foods, steaming vegetables and reheating leftovers for a quick weeknight meal.


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