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A complete cutlery set makes cooking easy, so get the best cutlery sets from Victorinox, Henckels and more

You keep a stylish kitchen, and nothing adds a touch of class to a polished kitchen countertop than a matching cutlery set in an elegant knife block. For the home cook who appreciates the elegant look of polished steel blades and warm wood handles, Sears carries a large selection of complete cutlery sets that include all the knives you need to handle every cooking task and look great doing it. From small paring knives for cutting and coring fruits and vegetables, to chef's knives for slicing meat and onions, to heavy cleavers for cutting up poultry and roasts, these cutlery sets have the right tool for the job. And when dinner's done and it's time to tidy up the kitchen, many of these sets come with a honing rod to keep your knives sharp.

Sears also offers electric knives, which are packaged in a case for compact storage and safety. Some electric knives include a carving fork. Electric knives have two serrated blades for consistent slicing, and they are perfect for carving poultry or cutting roasts. Some electric knife sets also include a bread blade. And when carving's done and it's time to serve dinner, make sure your kitchen ware matches your flatware with matching steak knives from Sears.

Dull knives can crush your tomatoes and flatten your bread. It's easy to sharpen your knife collection with Sears' great selection of electric and manual knife sharpeners as well as stick sharpeners and hones.

Once you have your cutlery set all picked out, it's time to pick up matching accessories that will complement each other for an elegant home kitchen. The classic looks of a carbon steel knife set pairs wonderfully with a wood cutting board. Wood cutting boards cause less resistance to your knife blade. A harder surface like glass or metal wears at your blade, and you will need to sharpen your knife more often. If you choose a wood cutting board, use a quality mineral oil to season the board and reapply often to fill the pores. Seasoning regularly keeps food particles out and prevents liquids from absorbing into the wood.

On the other hand, a shiny stainless steel knife set begs to be matched with gleaming new stainless appliances like tea kettles, slow cookers and cookware sets. Not only do these appliances deliver maximum convenience for cooking and holding foods until they're ready to eat, they're stylish too. Contrasted with a dark granite countertop and light wood cabinets, these eye-catching accessories can jazz up any kitchen with a modern flair while delivering complete cooking functionality.

Cutlery sets contain important cooking tools and are an investment in fine cooking. Sears has a wide selection of cutlery sets and all the products you need to maintain them. Shop Sears today for affordable knives, cutting boards and sharpeners.


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