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Steak knife: slice into luxurious meal at home with the best steak knives

A good steak knife set is a must for every home. These sets come with at least four knives so your guests aren't left out. If you expect to serve more people, just get multiple sets or one larger one. The handles of steak knives are traditionally wood, but these utensils are also available with plastic or metal handles. Choose the ones that go best with your flatware to make the best combo.

Dinner's over, the guests have gone home and it's time to wash up. It can be tedious and dangerous trying to wash sharp knives by hand, so why not throw your knives and the rest of your dirty dishes right into the dishwasher for easy hands-off cleaning when the meal is done. Whether you choose a roomy built-in dishwasher or convenient portable dishwasher, Sears has the automatic dishwashing solution that's right for your home. And with a huge selection of great brands, you can take your pick of a Whirlpool, Kenmore or Bosch dishwasher and more today.

Now that you've washed up, storing steak knives loose in a drawer or flatware box can be dangerous. Store your steak knives in a handy place and keep your hands safe by using a knife block. These wooden blocks have slots for you to slip their blades into, which protects the blade edges and keeps them sharper, longer. The handles of the knives remain outside the block for easy access. With their traditional wood-grain patterns, knife blocks are a great match for classic kitchen decor, so you can keep them on the counter instead of hiding them away. Blocks are available with or without knives.

When you need more than just steak knives, pick up one of our carving sets to create an elegant, unified look when you serve that main course tableside. These sets have a cutlery block and an assortment of useful knives including ones made for steak, paring and slicing. Many sets also include a pair of kitchen shears. Knife handle construction varies, but all their styles are durable and nice-looking. You'll be glad to show off their blocks too.

Sears has many styles of steak knives available. Whether you're digging into a luxurious steak dinner, cutting up a juicy pork chop or slicing into a home-roasted rotisserie chicken, you'll have the steak knives you need to enjoy dinner to the fullest. Order your favorites today, and they'll be delivered right to your doorstep.


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