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Create beautiful surroundings in your home with decorative bowls and other pieces from Sears

Once you have the basics covered with furniture, dishes and other necessary items, it's time to make your living space a beautiful reflection of your personality and style. After you've taken care of these foundational pieces, you can have lots of fun digging into the design details that make a house a home. Creating an inviting space doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The right decorative items will give you the feeling of self-expression by using your favorite colors, supplying depth and texture, and adding a personal touch that's all your own. Using decorative bowls on your tables and shelves is just one way to complete the design of your space with style.

While many people focus on the functionality of a kitchen, when it comes to home decor, your kitchen is rife with possibilities, especially with items you use for eating and serving, such as plates, bowls and decorative trays. One of the main reasons is that unlike other rooms, a kitchen tends to have a lot of surfaces that can display decorative items, so you can choose pieces that allow you to be a better cook while also adding flair to your surroundings. For instance, a pitcher can serve as a utensil holder, a bowl can hold fresh fruit on your kitchen table, or a tray can be propped up against your backsplash, adding color to the space. Imagine adding something as simple as a ceramic spoon holder to your stovetop, waiting to be used but being visually appealing at the same time.

In addition to decorative bowls, one of the most popular ways to personalize a home is with the use of picture frames. Available in a variety of colors, textures and sizes, photo frames let you remind family and friends of special moments you shared as you capture memories and display them in your living space. Today you can even purchase pre-matted frames to keep things simple and lend a professionally framed look to your favorite photos. Picture frames can add vertical depth to your tabletops, too, similar to what floor vases and tall vases can do for an otherwise flat space.

Fabric, tapestries and area rugs can take a simple, functional space and make it vibrant. Not only can these elements add color and decorative patterns, they can bring a softness and depth to your room through the use of texture. From shag and other high pile rugs to the intricate, colorful designs of the Far East, area rugs offer limitless ways to express your style. Drapes and other window treatments provide privacy but also lend a finished feel to a room that cannot be achieved with bare windows. Once you find the perfect pillows, rugs and tapestries to complement your furniture, you can have fun coordinating decorative bowls, glass vases and other items with them. Just choose an accent color from the fabric or floor covering and shop for a fun piece that will allow the color to really pop. Try it with a decorative vase and see what we mean.

Finding decorative bowls and other pieces to complement your furniture can allow your house or apartment to go from being just a place you live to becoming a creative extension of who you are. Look to Sears for the best decorative bowls, vases and other items to take your living space to the next level.


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