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Find decorative trays and TV trays for your home at Sears

If you've ever tried to carry a plate of hot food, a bowl of soup and a beverage to the table at the same time, you know how much a tray can help you from a practical standpoint. Yet, trays can go far beyond the basic purpose of transporting small items from one spot to the next. There's something about placing your food on a beautiful tray that seems to make it taste even more delicious. Decorative trays can serve the dual purpose of functionality and art, and make excellent accent pieces. From wood to ceramics to glass, you can find a tray to suit your personal taste in just about any color or material known to man.

Just like decorative bowls are not just for eating cereal and serving pasta, decorative trays can be so much more than simple boards that you use to carry ice water from your kitchen to your porch. From the library to the living room, a serving tray can display knick knacks or even protect your tabletop from scratches or pesky moisture rings unintentionally left by party guests. Of course, TV trays are popular, too, letting you relax in front of the television as you enjoy a tasty dinner after a long day.

Candle holders and fresh flowers make excellent accents and reflect the value you place on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home. So do functional items like clocks, mirrors and storage baskets. No matter which decorative accent you choose to accessorize your home, keep in mind that the right decorative tray can really make it stand out. Place that candelabra, flower vase or decorative sculpture on top of an embossed silver tray or burnished gold-plated tray and the shiny metal will complement the accent's rich hues.

The appeal of trays isn't limited to the dining room and kitchen, though. When dining al fresco, they're real necessities when transporting glassware and other fragile serving pieces out to your patio. Many people choose bird baths and stone statues to complement their gardens and make outdoor dining even more delightful. On a warm summer afternoon, there's nothing quite like enjoying a tray of lemonade and freshly baked cookies on the deck while enjoying the view. Place some freshly cut flowers from your garden in a decorative basket and you'll have a beautiful centerpiece, too.

By looking beyond pure function to the design potential of trays, baskets and other everyday items, you'll enhance your decor while finding creative ways to store and transport items in your home. Turn to Sears today for the best selection of decorative trays, vases and other accent pieces for your home.


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