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Keep bread products fresh with bread boxes

You'll love the classic and home style look of an old-fashioned bread box on your kitchen counter top. With a unique flare of style combined with traditional values of home baking, bread boxes make a timeless statement. Whether you're using them for what they're intended to be used for or just as an added piece of decor to your country kitchen, wooden bread boxes are the perfect accessory for every home.

Bread boxes were designed to keep bread fresh, and your bread box will do just that. If you love the taste of fresh-made bread from the bakery or your own oven, keeping it in a bread box will lengthen its shelf life. You may use plastic wrap, aluminum foil or wax paper to keep some things fresh, the air inside a sealed bread box gives bread room to breathe without hardening the bread. Essentially the box traps the moisture inside so that the bread maintains that fresh bread texture and taste. The quality of the bread box, and its air tight seal, can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your bread fresh and free of mold.

Of course, bread boxes aren't just for bread. You can store all of your favorite home baked goods in your bread box, from coffee cakes to cookies, and they'll stay fresh as can be. The bread box will keep all of your baked goods out of direct sunlight, just as a good spice rack can keep your oils and seasonings out of sunlight, which can be detrimental to many food products.

The kitchen is the central station of most homes, where people congregate for meals, discussions and snacks. Having a bread box that matches the rest of your kitchen decor, from your paper towel holder to your knife block, can ensure a homey look in the busiest room of your home.

When you're looking to add a splash of unique flare to your home or kitchen, consider purchasing a wooden bread box from Sears. You'll find a great selection of stylish and traditional bread boxes that are sure to give your kitchen exactly the look you want. Shop at Sears today for all of your kitchen and home decor needs.


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