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Food Canisters & Jars

Food canisters are just as stylish as they are convenient and useful. You can find canisters and storage jars to adorn your kitchen counters and add a splash of color while storing all of your important dry foods and baking supplies. In addition to storing sugar, flour and other baking products, these food containers are perfect for holding your favorite snacks and cereals. You'll have easy access to all of your favorites, and canisters always look more elegant that cardboard boxes and plastic bags in your kitchen. You can find the best selection of food storage canisters at Sears.

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Store food in stylish food canisters and jars

Sears carries everything you need to organize your kitchen with storage sets and canisters. Spruce up your kitchen with colorful chic canisters that match your decor. Find sealable containers to keep ingredients and baking products fresh. Sears offers a vast selection of specialty items that make storing foods for long periods of time easier and safer.

The days of covering regular bowls with plastic wrap or aluminum foil for safekeeping are gone. Your kitchen is sure to look smart with the cool ceramic canisters that you can find at Sears from brands like Fiesta. These jars come in a variety of festive colors to match any kitchen decor. You'll love that many of the durable containers are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and oven so that you can regularly clean your storage jars and canisters.

Perishable foods become stale over time due to oxygen leaking into containers and plastic bags. Keep your foods fresh with air-lock sealing containers. Lock and Lock, Snapware and OXO offer a variety of airtight containers to keep your foods properly sealed. These canisters come in a variety of sizes to hold all types of foods, so you can keep everything fresh. You'll love using food canisters to store leftover food, as well. When you're preparing your lunch, you'll find that these multipurpose food storage containers even double as lunch boxes. You can pack up leftovers into the fridge, and take them for lunch or eat them for dinner the next evening.

These beautiful canisters make fantastic gifts for anyone on your list. If you make your own fruit jams, can your own produce or pickle your own vegetables, you'll want to have the best selection of jars and canning equipment to safely can and store your products for a longer period of time. Some of the jars and canisters available at Sears would make beautiful gifts with your homemade products inside that are sure to bring a smile to any recipient's face.

Keep your kitchen organized with the wide variety of canisters available at Sears. Our selection of jars and canisters offers everything you need for storing food and ingredients easily. Shop Sears today to find the latest kitchen equipment and storage solutions for your home.


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