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Keep it fresh with kitchen food storage

Food storage containers offer a convenient and inexpensive way to store all types of food products. Whether you buy in bulk and need to store dry food items or you frequently have leftovers from large meals, these useful containers are exactly what you need to keep all of your food fresh and delicious.

Kitchen food storage can be tricky when you have a lot of dry food items in boxes and bags. Bags of cereal and baking products take up a lot more space than the products inside them and various sized boxes of pasta, rice and other goods can be difficult to organize neatly. Clean up your pantry or spice rack by condensing your dry storage into convenient, stackable OXO Good Grips or Rubbermaid containers.

Storing your favorite snacks in kitchen food storage can also be a beneficial as double protection from products going stale quickly. Even with chip clips, your favorite snacks may get stale quickly in a hot, humid kitchen. Keep your chips and other snacks fresh by clipping them and storing them inside a storage container.

In addition to dry food storage, you can also use these convenient storage containers to separate fresh fruits and vegetables into snack size containers in your refrigerator. Once you've cut your produce, it can be easily accessible for a healthy grab-and-go snack or a quick add-on to any meal. You'll save time and eat healthier by keeping your produce ready-to-use in food storage bins. If you have a garden or buy a lot of fresh produce, you can even freeze some of those fruits and veggies to maintain that crisp taste for up to 6 months. Storing them in a Regalta storage container will keep them fresh and easy to access.

Whether you're a culinary mastermind or prefer to order takeout meals every night, you want to have a set of kitchen food storage containers designed to accommodate all of your favorite leftovers. Tightly sealed containers help keep food fresher, longer so that you can enjoy easy leftover meals for several days. They also help avoid spills and leakage, which will keep your shelf liner cleaner. At Sears, you can find a wide variety of kitchen food storage solutions to fit your budget and your kitchen decor.

If you're looking to improve the storage space of your pantry and kitchen cabinets or looking for a better way to store garden-fresh produce, you'll find the perfect solution with kitchen food storage containers. Brands like Progressive International, Artland and Neu Home offer exceptional selections that you can find when you shop at Sears. Get everything you need for home and kitchen storage at Sears.


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