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Find the best yarn for knitting as well as any other home craft at Sears

No knitting kit is complete without a good stock of yarn in a variety of colors. Once you have your kit fully assembled, it's time to choose a project to work on.

If you are new to knitting and crochet, it can be hard to know where to start. It's a good idea to keep it simple for your first project; something like a small baby blanket is a good choice for the beginner. Next, choose a thicker yarn in your preferred color. Thick yarn is easier to grasp and pull with hook or needle, making it easier for beginners to work with. The needles themselves should be two different colors to help you keep track of the direction you are working. To avoid tangles, use a yarn dispensing bag or just roll the yarn into a loose ball around your fingers. It's important not to overstretch the yarn because it will lose its stretchiness if you do. With all that done, you are ready to begin your first knitting project.

Once you've laid in a decent supply of yarn and you have all the tools you need for crochet, you'll need a way to keep everything organized. Take a look at crochet storage options from Sears. It's a real pain when yarn gets tangled up or you can't find the right size crochet hook, and a properly set up storage bag will help prevent that by keeping everything right where it should be. To keep your yarn free of snarls and snags, a Boye 2-Piece Yarn On The Go Bag is the right choice. These handy yarn dispensing bags feature an internal hook which keep the yarn snag-free as you pull it out. Those looking for a place to store everything will appreciate the 17 compartments of the BagSmith Famous Canvas Project Bag which allow you to carry yarn, hooks, needles, thread, and crochet books wherever you go.


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