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Set the mood in your dream bathroom with the best bathroom lighting options at Sears

If you're not careful, bathrooms can be one of the most accident-prone rooms in the house. Wet floor can cause people to slip, while electronic devices and water in close proximity will always increase safety risks. One way to minimize the risk of accident in your bathroom is to make sure the room is adequately lit with properly set up bathroom lighting. Being able to clearly see where you're going and where everything is makes the bathroom a much safe place.

Safety's not the only consideration when selecting bathroom lighting of course. You'll want to take decor into account as well. Sears has a wide selection of decorative bulbs for your bathroom light fixtures. With its elegant bronze finish, the Toltec Lighting Elegante 1 Light Wall Sconce pairs well with the soft, warm glow of the Earthbulb Dimmable Cfl 16 Watt Bulb.

When installing bathroom lighting, don't forget the nuts and bolts which make it work behind the scenes. You'll want to make sure the wiring and connections are in good working order. Because the bathroom can build up a lot of humidity, you'll want to invest in a set of close-fitting switch plates for the bathroom wall. By making sure that there are no gaps around the edges of the plate and the light switch itself, you are preventing splashes of water and moisture in the air from getting into the wiring.

That same humidity is not only harmful to wiring; it's hard on light bulbs too. Over time, condensation can build up in your bathroom light sockets and bulbs, leading to shorter bulb service life. You always want to keep a supply of backup light bulbs on hand in case of burnout, but it's especially important to do so for bathroom lighting. Stock up on light bulbs from Craftsman, Sunlite, Platinum, BULBAmerica and more.

From practical to pretty, Sears has the right bathroom lighting option for you. From vanity row lighting to ceiling light globes to wall fixtures, You'll find what you're looking for right here.


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