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Lamp shades add a touch of bright color to any room

A bare light bulb can look out of place if it's sitting out there by itself, plus the intense direct light from a bare bulb can be hard on your eyes. At Sears, you'll find a great selection of lamp shades which not only dim bright bulbs, they add a touch of color to your table lamps and desk lamps.

There are many reasons to replace an old lamp shade. Time and heat from the bulb can create serious wear and tear on a fabric lampshade, causing it to fade and fray over time. Dust can settle on it, giving the colors a washed-out look, and stains of spilled drinks, dead insects and accidental falls all add up to take their toll. Replace that dull-looking old lamp shade with a new one from Sears. Here you find replacement shades for many different models of lamps so you won't have to throw out your old lamp just because the shade is showing its age. Deran offers a line of standard sized lampshades in solid colors. You'll find Deran shades in solid red, black, blue, yellow, and all the other colors of the rainbow, so you can replace the color of your old lamp shade if that's what you're after.

Glass lamp shades are a popular alternative to the more traditional cloth shades. Brightly colored glass won't fade over time, and is much easier than fabric to clean. For a sleek, modern look, take a look at the Sea Gull Lighting Shade with Etched Step Design for Ambiance. The etched ripples in the glass evenly radiate the light from the bulb and produce attractive patterns wherever the rays of light fall. If you are after a more natural look, try the Meyda 22128 Victorian Art Glass Lamp Shade. With its molded-brass finish base surrounding verdant glass, this lushly attractive lamp shade will remind you of a forest trail in early fall.

If you're decorating a playroom, nursery or child's bedroom, you'll want more playful colors and designs than you would for any other room in your home. Shop our collection of kids lighting to find fun animal, superhero and cartoon-themed lamp designs for your kids. Sports-themed lamps from Acme, cute furry adjustable designs from Lumisource, and cool superhero lamps from Funko deliver a personal touch to your kid's room.

Sears is the place to shop for all your home lighting needs. Whether you're installing a new lampshade, setting up a floor lamp in a dim corner or putting up wall lighting fixtures, you'll find everything you need right here at Sears.


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