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Table Lamps

Table lamps are great functional decorative pieces in your home. Not only do they light up whichever room you have them in, but they add a touch of class and decor too. The base of a table lamp is the critical decorative portion of the lamp. The base can come in any shape: rounded, square, tall, short and made of bronze, chrome, standard plastic and more. Lamp shades determine the ambiance of the room. Depending on the shape—wide or stained glass—the range and angle of the light determines how much light you'll have in your room.

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Table lamps are versatile and decorative in any room

Table lamps are the most versatile and function lamps in your home, except maybe alone with floor lamps; however, table lamps have a uniqueness about them that no other lamps can compare. When you place a lamp on an end table, a desk, a nightstand or any other place, you've created a focal point in the room. Having a lamp so close in the space you move around in, rather than having it hang from the ceiling or along the wall, gives it more of a significance in the room. Depending on your style, the lamp you pick may tall or short, made of bronze or plastic, round or square or uniquely shaped. If you're not sure what shape you're looking for, browse Sears's assortment of lamps from Pacific Coast Lighting, Dale Tiffany, At Home by O, Design Fidelity, Ore and more. Decorative bulbs add to the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of table lamps and can give off bright or colorful glows to your room.

Lamp shades are another key component to any lamp. From faux silk, cloth, glass, tassels, pleats and more, Sears has lamp shades of different shapes, styles and fabrics to top of your table or floor lamps. Match the lamp shades to your room decor and your personal style. Lamps with crystal bases and white silk lampshades provide a clean appearance for any room. The best part about table lamps is that they're portable; so you can change where they are whenever you want.

There's more lighting in your home than lamps, though. When the day is done and you're about to go to bed, you want to have a small light in the hallway or the bathroom to guide you. Sears has night lights for anyone in your family who needs that small light. Night lights come as small bulbs that plug in with a decorative cover over the bulb, like a football or fairy to watch over your little ones, or even a small stained glass cover. Night lights are a great way to shine just a little light during the nighttime hours.

When you plug in your lamps, you'll need to find the switch the outlet connects to. Don't feel around in the dark, find switch plates that match the theme of your house and each room. Redecorate your home with new switch plates and new lamps from Sears to update your style today.


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